Fixed Nozzle Desuperheater

  • Steam is quite often throttled and superheated for its efficient distribution. To maximise its heat transfer properties its steam temperature needs to be brought down as close to saturation as possible. Bomafa Desuperheaters are designed, manufactured and built to reduce the temperature of the superheated steam accurately for optimal heat transfer and efficiency.
Key Highlights

  • This is one of the most simplest forms of desuperheaters and is also termed as amechanical desuperheater.
  • The basic principle of operation is to desuperheat the steam by introducing water droplets through a spraying nozzle and breaking the water droplets into a fine mist at the point of exit.
  • The performance of this desuperheater corresponds directly to the design of the spray nozzle. This unit can handle low turndown requirements usually upto 3:1.
  • This unit offers negligible pressure drop across the system.
  • This unit requires typical superior water pressure than the steam operating pressure[recommended superior water pressure is 5 bar(g)].
  • Due to this simple construction it is one of the most economic desuperheaters available in the market.
  • Flanged / Butt-weld end connections are available.