Double Venturi Desuperheater

  • Steam is quite often throttled and superheated for its efficient distribution. To maximise its heat transfer properties its steam temperature needs to be brought down as close to saturation as possible. Bomafa Desuperheaters are designed, manufactured and built to reduce the temperature of the superheated steam accurately for optimal heat transfer and efficiency.
Key Highlights

  • This unit is ideally suited when high pressure water is unavailable
  • Required water pressure can be about 1 kg/cm2(g) over the steam pressure.
  • This unit would perform even if the water pressure is same as the steam operating pressure.
  • In this configuration, the water is piped right into the Venturi Nozzle which does all the work of atomizing the water.
  • This unit has absolutely no moving parts.
  • The unit has negligible pressure drop.
  • The Venturi Nozzle has a converging, stabilizing and a diverging configuration.
  • This unit can be installed in vertical and horizontal direction.
  • This unit creates very high velocity and turbulence which assists in instantaneous evaporation of the injected water droplets.
  • This Desuperheater is also deployed where atomizing steam is not available.
  • This unit operates successfully at quite low velocities of the steam flow.
  • This unit incorporates a thermal sleeve/ liner.
  • This unit has a higher turndown as compared to a Single Venturi Desuperheater and avoids thermal shock/ pipe impingement on the main pipe walls.
  • Flanged / Butt-weld end connections are available.